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5 reasons to choose COLORBOND® fence extensions to improve home security

Home is where the heart is, but it’s not where you want a heist to go down. If you’re looking to improve the security of your property, fence height extensions are a great place to start.

As reported by the ABC in recent times, worried residents want better security. The good news is that you don’t need to invest in thousands of dollars worth of digital surveillance to deter thieves from entering your home.

In Australia, one of the most tried and tested methods of strengthening home security is with fence extension kits. Not only do these DIY solutions help to protect your home’s perimeter, they’re also easy to install and extremely cost effective, making them kinder on household budgets.

Want to know more? Keep reading for five reasons why you should choose COLORBOND® fence extensions to improve your home security.

  1. You can install fence extensions for privacy and security purposes

When you extend the height of your fence, the most obvious benefit is more privacy. But fence height extensions also help to secure your property boundary. The more height you have on your fence, the harder it will be for a thief to climb, thus making it far more difficult for unwelcome visitors to gain access to your home.

  1. DIY fence extensions are cost effective and easy to install

The best kind of home improvements can be done in your own time, with your own hands, and in keeping with your budget. This is why so many Australian homeowners opt for DIY fence extension kits. If you’re wondering whether this kind of kit would suit your specific needs, the chances are the answer is yes. You’ll just need to figure out what kind of kit you need, based on the fence you’re working with.

What’s the best fence extension kit for COLORBOND® Good Neighbour® fencing?

Good Neighbour® fencing made from COLORBOND® steel is a staple in the yards of many Australian homes. Sometimes, however, these sturdy fences need to be extended to enhance your home security. Standard fence extension kits are a great DIY, low cost solution that will enhance the security of your outdoor space, and of your home, by adding extra height to your Good Neighbour® fence.

If I don’t have COLORBOND® Good Neighbour® fencing, can I still extend the height of my fence without needing to hire help?

Absolutely, with the right kit you can still extend your own fence DIY style. So, if your property doesn’t have Good Neighbour® fencing specifically, don’t stress. All types of COLORBOND® steel fencing—including super 6 fences in addition to traditional post and rail designs—can be extended with a universal fence extension kit. These DIY kits are also compatible with timber, brick or masonry boundaries.

  1. A fence extension kit can be sized to suit your needs and strengthen your security

If you’re installing fence extensions or COLORBOND® fence toppers for security reasons, it’s important to work with panels that are the right dimensions. Measure first before ordering since no fences are created equal.

The good news is that Screeline makes the process easy, meaning less time furrowing your brow and more time rolling up your sleeves to install your prefabricated, Australian-made fence extension.

To order a standard fence extension kit or universal fence extension kit online, simply follow these steps.

  1. Select your panel type. You can choose from picket, privacy, slat, or lattice fence extensions.
  2. Select your post type. If you’re not sure what post type you need, simply watch the instructional video provided on Screenline’s product page.
  3. Select your panel size. Options include:
  • 300 x 2350
  • 300 x 3100
  • 600 x 2350
  • 600 x 3100.

While lattice fence extension kits are a popular choice, panel types such as ‘privacy’ often offer more overall coverage for homeowners looking to extend their fences for security reasons.

  1. You can deter robbers with A COLORBOND® fence height extension

One of the most common ways a burglar can enter your backyard is by climbing over the fence. The good news is that fence extensions made from COLORBOND® steel, including COLORBOND® fence toppers, can be great deterrents for would-be thieves who carry out home invasions.

According to home security experts, adequate height is one of the most important features of a burglar-proof fence. Not only do tall fences prevent thieves from easily seeing into your backyard, but they also deter climbing.

  1. You can match your COLORBOND® fence extensions to almost any fencing colour palette

Some of the highest quality metal fence extensions are COLORBOND® fence extensions, but they offer so much more than strength alone. In addition to being durable, DIY fence extension kits made of COLORBOND® steel are also pleasing to the eye.

Screenline DIY fence extension kits can be supplied in almost any colour, though most kits are supplied in the COLORBOND® colour palette. To compare colour options and find the best match for your fence, you can browse the following colour catalogues online:

  • Contemporary colours
  • Classic colours
  • Fencing colours

Want help choosing your colour? Head to the online colour comparison table. You can also give us a call on 1800 001 653 during business hours and we can help.

600mm Slat Standard fence extension kit

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Screenline Fence Extensions are a DIY solution to easily increase the height of your existing Colorbond fence for added security and privacy. Our fence extensions are 100% Australian made and can be simply added to your existing fence. Our fence extensions are available in a huge range of colours to perfectly compliment your current fencing. A simple, stylish, practical and elegant solution to your fencing needs. Order online now for prompt delivery Australia wide!

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