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Can I install fence extensions myself?

Extending your fence has never been simpler. Before you know it, you’ll have installed your fence extension, and will be enjoying increased privacy and security in your home. This article features everything you need to know to ensure the entire process is smooth, covering everything from ordering your fence extension kit to installing it yourself. 

Ordering Your Fence Extension Kit

The ordering process is straightforward and ensures you get exactly what you need. As you’ll see, there are several size, shape and colour options to choose from, and ensure you get the perfect kit for your current fence – 

Determine the number and size of panels

  • Calculate the number of panels required and their sizes. Remember to order the correct sizes to avoid the hassle of returns. If necessary, extra components can also be purchased. 

Choose your post type

  • Select the type of posts that best suit your needs from a variety of options.

Select your desired colour

  • Many companies offer a wide range of colours for you to choose from. Be aware of the fact that some manufacturers use different names for different colours.

Most kits include the steel panels in your choice of privacy, slat, or lattice finish, along with matching colour steel posts and tek screws with colour-matched heads. Fence extension kits are compatible with most existing fences, including timber, brick, masonry fences, and various types of colorbond such as super 6 and post and rail fences. These kits are made from high-quality materials, are easy to maintain, and are designed to withstand various conditions. They are also quick and easy to install.

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Installing Your Fence Extensions

The best extensions blend seamlessly with your existing fence, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Kits are designed to simplify the process and only include the necessary parts. Here’s how to install your fence extensions:

Prepare Your Fence

Start by removing the existing tek screws from the top of your fence. This simple step prepares your fence for the extension process.

Adding joiners

Attach the joiners to both the front and back of your current fence post. This needs to be done on both sides. Joiners are essential for ensuring your extension is sturdy and secure.

Reattach and extend

Reattach the tek screw onto the existing fence and slide on the extension post. Secure it in place with tek screws on both sides. This step is crucial for extending the height seamlessly.

Infill panels

Slide in the panel infill, ensuring the side with the larger blank space is at the top. Look for the panel with the “THIS SIDE UP” sticker to ensure correct orientation. Secure the panels on the horizontal edge to the top of the existing fence rail.

Insert the top rail

Insert and secure the top rail. Screw the top rail to the infill panel using tek screws. This step adds both stability and a clean finish to your fence extension.

Make any adjustments

For a rattle-free and snug fit, slightly lift the top rail at the axis with the post and screw the rail to the post while maintaining this tension. Repeat this on both ends to ensure your extension is perfectly in place.

That’s it – you’ve successfully increased the height of your fence, enhancing both privacy and security in just a few simple steps.

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The Fence Extension Experts

With Screenline fence extensions, you can transform your outdoor space with very little effort. Our fence extension kits are a cost-effective DIY solution that increases the privacy and security of any outdoor space – and as you now know, you can do it all yourself.  

They can also assist with pool safety compliance by increasing the height of your existing Colorbond fence. For pool safety compliance, choose the Privacy or Polkadot design on our fence options page.

Each of our Fence Extension Kits includes:

  • A durable steel panel in your choice of privacy, slat, lattice, or picket style.
  • Top and side rails.
  • All the required fittings: extension pieces and tek screws with colour-matched heads.

Get exactly what you need

To ensure you receive exactly what you need, we ask you to take a photo of your existing fencing. This helps us confirm that the correct parts have been ordered, preventing the inconvenience of having to return items and wait for replacements. To simplify this process, we’ve included a sample screenshot as a reference.

The Screenline difference 

Installing your own fence extensions has never been easier, especially when you partner with Screenline. With years of experience and a dedicated team ready to assist you with any detail, Screenline is an expert at fence extension kits. See why more people choose us for their DIY fence extension needs – contact us and speak with a member of our team about the perfect fence extension kit for you, today.

600mm Slat Standard fence extension kit

DIY Screen Solutions

Screenline Fence Extensions are a DIY solution to easily increase the height of your existing Colorbond fence for added security and privacy. Our fence extensions are 100% Australian made and can be simply added to your existing fence. Our fence extensions are available in a huge range of colours to perfectly compliment your current fencing. A simple, stylish, practical and elegant solution to your fencing needs. Order online now for prompt delivery Australia wide!

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