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The Importance of Pool Safety and How Fencing Systems Can Help

Summer has arrived and pools are the go-to spot for cooling down and having fun. However, it’s crucial to remember the importance of keeping safe and ensuring you have privacy. A fence extension for privacy is key to making sure your pool time is both enjoyable and secure. Let’s take a look at how pool safety and privacy go hand-in-hand and how Screenline Systems can help you maintain both with their top-notch fence extensions.

The essence of pool safety

The statistics on pool incidents are a stark reminder that pool safety laws are not optional; they are essential. Pool safety in Australia is rigorously regulated by state, with fencing playing a pivotal role as a protective barrier to prevent accidents. Proper fencing is crucial, not only for legal compliance but also to significantly reduce the risks associated with pools, emphasising its importance in safeguarding lives.

Securing peace of mind with pool fences

The role of a pool fence is two-fold: prevent accidents by restricting unsupervised access to the pool and offer a screen from the outside world. Adhering to stringent safety standards is crucial, and the height and design of a fence are often subject to local regulations. To find out more, read our post on, Getting your pool ready for summer with a fence extension kit.

Your partner in pool safety and privacy

At Screenline, we understand that the safety of your pool area is paramount, and so is your need for a private retreat. Our fence extension kits are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing setup, enhancing both safety and privacy without compromising on style.

  • Fence extension for privacy

  • Our solutions provide a robust barrier against intrusions, ensuring that your private moments remain just that—private.
  • Durability meets design 

  • Constructed from top-tier materials, our fence extensions promise enduring resilience against environmental factors, safeguarding your sanctuary year after year.
  • Tailored to your taste

  • With an array of design options, our fence extensions can be custom-fit to your specific aesthetic preferences, ensuring that the look and feel of you oasis is maintained.
  • Unobstructed views 

  • While fence extensions fortify privacy,  there are many different designs you can choose from. Consider carefully which design you will choose to maintain visibility, allowing for constant supervision of the pool area.
  • Self-installation simplicity 

  • Seek a well engineered fence extension kit that includes all the necessary components for a simple setup and clear instructions. Consider completing the installation yourself to save costs. Check any Google reviews to ensure the product is easy to install. 

DIY fence extensions

The tranquillity of your pool area should never be overshadowed by concerns over safety or unwanted exposure. Screenline Systems fence extensions are more than just barriers; they are the guardians of your outdoor serenity.

Elevate your poolside with the perfect blend of safety and seclusion. Explore the Screenline Systems range today and discover the ideal fence extension for privacy to complement your space. Safety, style, and solitude await.

600mm Slat Standard fence extension kit

DIY Screen Solutions

Screenline Fence Extensions are a DIY solution to easily increase the height of your existing Colorbond fence for added security and privacy. Our fence extensions are 100% Australian made and can be simply added to your existing fence. Our fence extensions are available in a huge range of colours to perfectly compliment your current fencing. A simple, stylish, practical and elegant solution to your fencing needs. Order online now for prompt delivery Australia wide!

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