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How to increase your privacy with fence extensions

If you love your property but wish you had more privacy, you’re not alone. Research shows that many homeowners are concerned about a lack of privacy, both inside and outside of their houses. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune turning your home into more of a fortress, and we’re here to tell you how.

Business owners, too, can benefit from increasing the privacy of their property. As clients often look favourably upon businesses that can offer them greater privacy, particularly within industries where customer confidentiality is paramount.

Fence extension kits, particularly those made from strong and stylish COLORBOND® fence extensions, offer residents a solution to their home privacy needs. They’re also a great solution for business owners looking to amplify the appeal of their location.

The best part? Not only do fence height extensions provide extra cover for your property, but they are also easy to install and incredibly cost-effective.

Why is home privacy so important?

You deserve to live on a property that feels like a personal oasis, which is why your home should feel like a secluded haven. Not only does increasing home privacy help you to feel more at peace on your property, it also helps to deter burglars—in turn decreasing the risk of home invasions.

How do businesses benefit from increased privacy?

If you work in particular industries—such as health, wellness, or fitness—it’s your duty to provide a safe and secluded destination for your clientele. This is why many small business owners roll up their sleeves and turn to DIY fence extensions for their privacy needs. The more private your property, the more likely it is that your clients will feel at ease. This, in turn, will improve customer satisfaction, helping you to in turn improve brand loyalty.

Why install fence extensions for privacy?

There are a few different tactics for increasing home privacy. Including installing tinted windows, planting hedges, and investing in new blinds. And while these are all great measures, nothing quite beats the immediate benefits of adding a little extra height to your fence.

If you use DIY fence extensions to increase home privacy, other benefits include:

  • Blocking out prying eyes from neighbours and passers-by.
  • Being able to relax more in your own home thanks to increased feelings of security.
  • Giving your family a more secure environment in which to spend time.
  • Helping to decrease the level of noise pollution travelling into your backyard.

Will DIY fence extensions save me money?

When you work with DIY fence extension kits, you can definitely save money. In 2022, Australia became the fourth most expensive region for construction labour globally. Meaning that any time we need a tradesperson to tackle a home project, we need to dig into our pockets pretty deeply.

By working with DIY fence extension kits, you’re eliminating the cost of labour completely. That means less time worrying about breaking the bank and more money left in your budget for other things.

What’s the best fence extension kit for COLORBOND® Good Neighbour® fencing?

If you own a home in Australia, there’s a good chance you have Good Neighbour® fencing made from COLORBOND® steel. Businesses that occupy residential houses may also find this style of fence at the perimeter of their premises. Designed to withstand the hot conditions of our climate, these boundaries sometimes need to be built upon to increase the overall privacy of your property.

Standard fence extension kits are a great DIY, low-cost solution that will enhance the privacy of your outdoor space, and of your home, by adding extra height to your Good Neighbour® fence.

Can I still increase my privacy if I don’t have COLORBOND® Good Neighbour® fencing?

Just because you don’t have Good Neighbour® fencing, doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from DIY fence extension kits, we’ve made sure of that with our range of fence extension options.

All types of COLORBOND® steel fencing—including super 6 fences in addition to traditional post and rail designs—can be extended with a universal fence extension kit. These DIY kits are also compatible with timber, brick or masonry boundaries.

Can a fence extension kit be easily sized to suit my needs?

One of the best things about DIY fence extension kits is that they come in different sizes. This adaptability is one of the reasons why they are so popular among Australian homeowners. In fact, people choose to install fence extensions or COLORBOND® fence toppers for a number of different reasons, including but not limited to:

  • increasing home privacy
  • improving home security
  • securing pool areas.

No matter your motivation, it’s important to work with panels that are of the right dimensions. Thankfully, DIY fence extension kits come in a range of sizes—just remember to measure first, so you don’t have to order twice.

Order your DIY Fence Extension Kit Online!

If you’ve never ordered a DIY fence extension kit online, Screeline makes the process easy. Our prefabricated, Australian-made fence extension kits can be purchased from the comfort of your home, bringing you that much closer to turning your property into a private oasis.

To order a standard fence extension kit or universal fence extension kit online, simply follow these steps.

  1. Select your panel type. You can choose from picket, privacy, slat, or lattice fence extensions.
  2. Select your post type. If you’re not sure what post type you need, simply watch the instructional video provided on Screenline’s product page.
  3. Select your panel size. Options include:
    1. 300 x 2350
    2. 300 x 3100
    3. 600 x 2350
    4. 600 x 3100.

While lattice fence extension kits can be aesthetically pleasing, panel types such as ‘privacy’ offer more overall coverage. So, if you’re looking to increase your home privacy, this is the panel type we recommend.

Will COLORBOND® fence extensions match my home’s design?

Whether you’re renovating your house or adding to your property’s landscape, it’s important to honour your home’s design. DIY fence extension kits made of COLORBOND® steel are some of the best quality metal fence extensions on the market, and they are also made to meet your design expectations.

One of the reasons why so many homeowners choose Screenline is the wide range of tints we offer. Our DIY fence extension kits can be supplied in almost any colour, with most kits supplied in the COLORBOND® colour palette to suit the staple Good Neighbour® fencing featured in so many Australian homes.

To compare colour options and find the best match for your fence, you can browse the following colour catalogues online:

  • Contemporary colours
  • Classic colours
  • Fencing colours

Want help choosing your colour? Head to the online colour comparison table. You can also give us a call on 1800 001 653 during business hours and we can help.

Can I install DIY fence extensions at my business premises?

Absolutely, our DIY fence extension kits are popular among homeowners and business owners alike. Many Australian small businesses benefit from making their properties more private, creating secluded destinations for their clientele.

Examples of how businesses can benefit from DIY fence extensions:

  • Wellness centres can create a calmer atmosphere.
  • Boutique law firms can offer their clients more privacy during meetings.
  • Day spas can help their clients remain anonymous when coming and going.

Want to increase your property’s privacy with DIY fence extension kits?

Gardening and home centres sell many things for your landscape, but DIY fence extension kits are sometimes harder to come by at your local hardware store. To make life easier for you, we distribute our fence extension kits nationwide. Simply browse our range of fence extension kits and place your order online.

Still not sure what you need? We’ve been answering questions on all things fencing for decades, and no question (or project) is too big or small. Simply get in touch and we’ll help you make the most suitable choice for your home security needs.

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